Workforce Management

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Stand-alone service or fully integrated with Hermes. Forecast demand, automate, and optimise staff scheduling for the right person, the right skills, at the right place, and at the right time; Result - Enhanced Customer Satisfaction, motivated employees and increased Profitability.

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The Best Core WFM Features in the Industry.
From the Cloud.

Forecast Demand for Optimum Resource Management

Identify Contact Centre demand trends and seasonality for powerful insights. Accurately forecast resource requirements over the next few minutes, hours, days, months or years with industry leading forecasting tools.

Scheduling & Optimisation for Operational Efficiency

Balance operational efficiency, costs, customer satisfaction and employee engagement with automatic scheduling of staff resources. Empower employees with real-time adherence, day/time preferences, shift-trades and time-off requests. Reward great performance with Gamification and much more.

Advanced Reporting that Drives Decision-Making

Advanced reporting, merged with ACD data, for deep dive analysis, performance and productivity tracking, with rapid access to KPI's including organisation-wide and granular Agent-level Scorecards - A standard suite of common-use reports or build your own with ease.

Powerful Automation and Agent Self-Service

 Automate Time-Off Requests with Vacation Planner

Reduce admin and empower staff with Vacation Planner -Does away with paper-based scheduling and approval - Agents have Portal access to independently book vacations, absence and time-off, and receive approval/denial notifications. Set up time-off rules centrally to ensure approval is only granted at appropriate times that do not impact service and quality levels.

Empower Employees and maintain service levels with Shift-Trader

Trade Shifts in no time. Shift Trader empowers agents to view colleagues' shift schedules, and trade shifts with each other, all without involving Team Leaders or Administrators - and while maintaining and ensuring optimum service levels. Shift trading scenarios are proposed, and possible alternatives are quickly evaluated and presented.

 Increase Agent Satisfaction and save time with Automated Overtime-Management

Maintain service levels and avoid under/over staffing with Teleopti's Overtime Availability module. Overtime is automatically allocated accurately and efficiently, according to Agent needs and overtime requests, with due consideration for ensuring optimal service standards and business operations.


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