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Available stand-alone or integrated with Hermes. Make contact with Customers in ways that suit them, giving you the best chance of getting the right response. With a complete mix of styles, including Print & Postal fulfilment, SMS/MMS, and more, Ciptex Workflow solutions increase customer satisfaction and help your organisation thrive.


Contact Centre Workflow Solutions

The Right Contact, Everytime.

People are all capable of choosing the right way to get in touch. An email for a work colleague, a letter for grandma, or using the phone to chat to a friend. Due to resource constraints, businesses can often fall short in this most basic task - sending emails to people who never go online or texts to mobiles that have long since misplaced their owners.

The result? Lost customers, missed sales opportunities, bad-debt, and spiralling costs at every turn. It is no longer enough to simply offer multiple communication channels, while assuming Customers will pick the most convenient one for them. With Workflow, you can actively engage, and maintain customer relationships, using secure, two way communications processes that deliver your desired outcome based on Customer communication preferences - saving time, reducing cost, and seriously increasing operational efficiency.

Key Features

Engage Customers, Clients, Prospects and Opportunities - Better, Faster and at lower cost. Finance & Collections, Customer Service, Sales & Marketing or Anything Else.

Two-Way Hybrid Communications

Letters by post, Email, SMS/MMS or telephone/mobile - With Ciptex Workflow solutions, you can engage Customers at their convenience, encouraging actions that deliver the results you desire, optimising your business operations, and your Contact Centre.

Integrated with Critical Metrics

From a single portal, your teams can maintain critical Customer interactions, across communication styles. A suite of customisable reports deliver valuable insights, and help you to understand the cost of engagement and other key metrics.

Automated Engagement

Whether its posting a letter, sending an email or text, or placing a call - once setup, your incoming and/or outgoing interactions with Customers can be fully automated, including taking payments - for incredible efficiency across your organisation and Contact Centre(s).

Customer Preferences

Communicate with Customers in ways they find most convenient, and/or ways they are most likely to respond. Clients have reported response rates increasing by 20% in some cases.


Increase Customer and Agent Satisfaction. Save Time and Reduce your Costs.

Less Missed Opportunites

Maintain excellent relationships with existing customers, as well as identifying opportunities for further revenue generation.

 Reduce Time-to-Resolution

Engage Customers and Opportunities faster, automate and integrate for rapid results, quicker resolution, and reduced handling times for efficient operations, happier Customers and Agents.

 Better Service

Deliver an overall better Customer experience and enjoy higher service levels. And with valuable reporting insights, your operations just get better and better.

 Simplified Engagement

Once setup, changes can be made simply and easily utilising a single online portal, optimising your resources and saving your teams valuable time.

Example Applications

Debt Management, Print & Post Fulfilment, and Enhanced Customer Service. Easy.

Collect Payments Faster

Help Customers pay their credit card arrears, parking fines, refuse collection cost, make a rent payment or settle an outstanding debt with our ISO 27001 accredited Payment Automation service.

Document Delivery

Optimise costs by linking Customers to e-documents accessible from an SMS, or if unread, automatically print and send documents in the post.

Customer Service

Update customers regarding new Terms and Conditions which may affect them.