Automated Speech Analytics for Superior Quality Monitoring

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Available stand-alone or integrated with Hermes. Continually improve customer engagement with fully automated, cloud based Speech Analytics from Ciptex. Enterprise grade speech recognition - Every conversation is analysed, with feedback, critical insights and 'next best' actions delivered directly to supervisors and agents for rapid resolution.


Contact Centre Speech Analytics Solutions

Superior and Rapid Customer Engagement Insights across your Contact Centre.

Optimising Customer Engagement in the Contact Centre can be difficult process. Agents are faced with multiple key decisions per day, and in a live, dynamic interaction, reacting appropriately, and optimally, to a given situation can be the difference between a great and not-so-great experience for your Customer and Agent.

In addition, with limited staff resources, Supervisors can't be expected to listen to and analyse every interaction, or coach every Agent simultaneously - their focus is always needed for the most critical interactions.

Key Features

Review Calls, Learn, Train, Adapt and Respond. Faster

Supervisor Command, Agent Dashboards

Escalation attempts, compliance violations, and sales opportunities are highlighted, while conversations requiring urgent attention are automatically prioritised. Drill into any ongoing interaction to review individual alerts and the words or acoustic characteristics that triggered them.

Powerful Speech Analytics

With enterprise-grade speech recognition technology and contextual language patterns, calls are automatically monitored for the presence / absence of specific language or acoustics and delivers instant alerts to a dashboard or Agent desktop.

Fully Automated Analysis

Our automated analysis engine monitors 100% of Calls, and their outcomes, ensuring you achieve the highest quality and complete compliance.

Managed Service Overlay if Desired

Additional expertise and insights can be gathered using our unique Acquire-Analyse-Optimise approach. With years of Customer Engagement experience, we take your results and deliver incredible insights that optimise Agent, team, and Contact Centre performance.


Save Time, Mitigate Compliance Risks, Increase Efficiency, and Reduce your Costs.
Rapid and Significant ROI right from the Start.

Customise to Respond Faster

Our platform is fully customisable, and calls are analysed as they happen, to ensure issues are addressed quickly for rapid resolution - happier Customers and more productive Agents.


Supervisors are immediately notified of risky calls or interactions. Automated script reminders ensure Agents deliver all required disclosures. Colour coded feedback reminds Agents to stay calm during emotional engagements.

 Improved Customer Service and ROI

Supervisors immediately know where to focus their Agent coaching efforts. Increased first-contact resolution, and reduced average handling time. Reduce or eliminate violations, increase sales and / or collections.

Loyal Customers

Notify Agents of special promos based on conversational content to help retain customers. Deliver consistent, accurate information to build trust. Highlight up-sell/cross-sell opportunities.

Case Studies

Quality Monitoring in Action

Speech Analytics

How one canny Client ramped up to 100% Call Evaluation in their Contact Centre, and slash costs by 33%

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Document Delivery

Optimise costs by linking Customers to e-documents accessible from an SMS, or if unread, automatically print and send documents in the post.

Customer Service

Update customers regarding new Terms and Conditions which may affect them.