Offering many benefits over traditional telephone lines, SIP Trunks are now being widely adopted as a way of delivering voice and cloud based services to businesses in a more flexible and cost effective manner.

With SIP intelligent devices communicate directly with each other over a simple transport infrastructure. This contrasts with the traditional telephone network, where transport between dumb endpoints is provided through an intelligent network core. This difference allows the network to become a commodity and allows any device attached to the network to provide a service to any other.

Ciptex can help you migrate to SIP based trunks which can deliver significant benefits to your business:

  • Ability to split circuits for business continuity.
  • Fully managed circuits from the Voice core to your phone switch and beyond.
  • Number flexibility, with any geographic number delivered to any location.
  • Circuits can be added in increments of single lines; you only have to pay for what you need.


Migrating to SIP trunks removes many of the geographical and functional restrictions of traditional ISDN and analogue lines. It can also enable you to converge your voice and data connectivity through a single service or if required, split this service over multiple circuits to remove any single point of failure.

SIP Trunks deliver greater flexibility, scalability and business continuity while reducing your on-going communication costs.

Ciptex has direct private interconnects to multiple SIP providers to deliver secure high quality connectivity with the capacity to handle over 40,000 simultaneous calls and can be flexed for individual clients within minutes.