White label telephony for ISPs



What is Apollo?

Your telephone platform, with complete control

Apollo is a complete, white-label hosted telephony solution, including a web portal for customer sign up, auto provisioning and full billing service – either standalone or integrated to your existing platforms to provide a single bill solution.

Key features and benefits

Dedicated platform instance

Hosted in your environment or ours, the platform deployment is a single instance that is yours. Completely.

A complete solution

Complete with auto-provisioning of devices, integrated real-time (in-line) billing, customer / department invoicing, customer and administrator management and advanced ticket-based support - all included.

Multi-device support for your customers

In addition to an adapter at home, your customers can have their residential landline on their mobile if you permit. Or for your business customers, IP handsets and devices you choose - all with auto-provisioning.

Complete flexibility

Build multiple telephony packages of your own, to suit your market strategies and set your own call rates, or use our standard template packages. And with open API, you can build on Apollo, adding value to your own telephony service.

Managed where it matters

We provide the managed service wrap - where it really counts. Our dedicated team of engineers proactively monitor your Apollo platform, ensuring optimum performance, always. And with patching and maintenance included, if required, Apollo represents 'platform-as-a-service' neuvo.

Fully white-label

Your Apollo platform supports a range of white-label options that deliver a seamless, assured customer, user, and internal experience, in line with your core values, styles and imagery - helping you build and maintain brand and commercial equity.

Fully featured

With single ID and password login to an intuitive online control panel, your customers can access current and historical invoices, ticket-based support and a wide-range of productivity-boosting telephony features.

Why have your own IP telephone platform?

IP telephony is the future now

With Openreach ceasing the PSTN/ISDN Networks by 2025, and active sales stopping in 2020, residential and business customers will be forced to migrate their telephone lines to an IP equivalent over the next few years. Now is a great time to reach out to customers and secure their business.

Better margins and exit value

Up-front cash for referring or reselling someone else's telephone service is interesting, but the ongoing revenues you will realise from monthly service subscriptions and call overages will significantly increase your bottom line and add commercial value to your business upon exit. And with much lower transfer costs from a telephony platform that is yours, you will enjoy healthy margins. Could you be better off? Take the test!

Complimentary Services

Telephony for your residential and business customers is a complimentary service to the broadband and internet services you already sell. A robust, feature-rich telephony service can help drive broadband sales and vice-versa, making it a valuable, compounded growth opportunity.


Referring customers to 3rd party companies for telephony can mean relinquishing control of your customer and critically, their experience of your overall service. This could negatively impact your brand and lose you customers. If you own the telephony provision, you own the whole customer, forever, and can better control, support and manage the customer experience, end-to-end.

Sticky customers

When customers are tied to multiple services you offer in-house, they enjoy numerous benefits - simpler account management with one bill, greater bargaining power on renewal, better performance tracking, and a single support resource to name just a few. For you, offering a telephony service will increase customer satisfaction and make them stickier, significantly reducing churn rates and stabilising your long-term revenues.

Flexibility around your needs

Referring or reselling services can mean you are limited to the options set by your supplier. With Apollo you can create any number of service packages, control call rates, and precisely tailor your service to meet your customer demographics and profile, helping you win more business, retain more customers and build brand/commercial equity.

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