CAL is a resilient cloud architecture that integrates diverse communications technologies.

Hyper secure, limitless scale, guaranteed quality and service continuity.

supporting your digital transformation.

the communications cloud. as it should be.

Simple. Agile. The right resources, as you need them, where you need them.

Designed from the ground-up as a private, integration-ready communications cloud, CAL has a dual MPLS core for assured resilience, platform replication, and block-level duplication for high availability. With service delivery additionally available over public internet, for remote workers and greater flexibility, on demand.

CAL is actively monitored and continually optimised - a unique, super-charged hosting infrastructure, designed by Ciptex - built to enable seamless integration of diverse vendor platforms, that meets the needs of customers requiring a mix of features and functionality from multiple communications technologies, all wrapped in one, simple, per-user per-month price.

Secure. Resilient. Reliable - Keeping you going with no single point of failure

Housed in Tier-3 rated co-location facilities, with biometric security, on-site guards, and uninterrupted power. CAL operates across clustered/duplicated high availability platforms for no single point of failure at the core. The entire platform is then block-level replicated to ensure protection from component and/or location failure ensuring your operations continue, unaffected.

Multiple Tier-1 carriers for assured voice services

Telephony from CAL is delivered only via Tier 1 carriers, with additional international backup and failover layers supporting clients' mission critical voice services. 1 gb/s cross-connects with each carrier supports up to 60,000 simultaneous calls, with flex-ready capacity on-demand to meet customer requirements where, and as needed, available within minutes. The CAL dual MPLS core has redundant links that connect all locations and providers to ensure a completely seamless, highly resilient voice solution.

Active performance monitoring for guaranteed uptime and service quality

With industry leading and proprietary monitoring tools, CAL components, including 3rd party elements are pro-actively monitored and managed, and with alert-profiling, 24 x 7 x 365, that enables ahead-of-time response, that continually improves. We guarantee clients and customers uptime, reliability and service quality.

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